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Micro Fiber(all direction stretch) with gold foil

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Micro fiber is a kind of full elastic polyester spun spandex fiber, very good feeling to the hand, with elasticity, bronzing.
The overall effect of the cloth after bronzing appears elegant and trendy.

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All-purpose plastic packing bag and Strong  paper rod  

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Thirty five days after deposit paid

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Supply Ability:

One hundred thousand tons plus (negotiable for more)


100d 144f DTY micro fiber

Quick Detail

With the continuous research and development and update of bronzing technology, cloth bronzing has a segmented industry. There are two kinds of equipment:
(1) round pressure bronzing:
Bronzing plate and the bottom die letterpress are cylindrical, it’s linear contact between the two cylindrical rollers, and the bottom die letterpress is generally made of silica gel material with moderate hardness. The gilding machine is suitable for gilding the whole roll of narrow rolling strip. Its advantage is: fast speed, high yield. The fastness of the cloth after bronzing is OK.
(2) flat pressure bronzing:
The more common bronzing machine is: pneumatic bronzing machine or manual bronzing machine, the main components are composed of two metal plates. When making cloth bronzing, generally, the heat from the top of the aluminum plate and downward movement. When bronzing, the pressure and time need to be considered, depending on the height of the printed pattern glue layer and the temperature that the cloth can withstand. In most cases, the temperature is between 140°~160°, the pressure is more than 5kg, and the time is 10 seconds. Too low temperature, bronzing fastness is not ideal. The temperature is too high, the cloth bronzing appears red (white cloth is yellow) of discoloration. If the pressure is too low, the fastness will be affected. If the pressure is too high, the pattern of three-dimensional bronzing slurry will collapse and lose the three-dimensional sense.

Competitive Advantage

We are the largest supplier in the region, we have a complete supply chain with vast amount factories for different craft process.


The use of this type of fabric can be found in many fashion style garment brands’ clothing designs.

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