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felpa china(single side fleece)& double side fleece

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Felpa China(single side fleece)& double side fleece textile printing

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The difference between single-sided and double-sided, single-sided.
The fabric structure of single flannelette is mainly composed of 2/2 twill, also known as serge flannelette. It is a fabric made of flannelette which had its fiber pulled out of the body of the yarn by the brushing machine and covered evenly on the surface of the fabric, so that the fabric presents a rich fluff.
Double-sided pile is a kind of fabric, which is made of natural plush surface by single or double yarn lifting machine in the production process. Double-sided fleece, generally refers to the fabric with hair or fleece on both sides! Classification of weaving: woven double cashmere, knitted double cashmere, non-woven double cashmere, woven double cashmere.

Product business terms

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Packaging Details:

All-purpose plastic packing bag and Strong  paper rod  

Delivery Time:

Thirty five days after deposit paid

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Supply Ability:

One hundred thousand tons plus (negotiable for more)


100d 144f or other specs

Quick Detail

It’s covered with silver stamp, and it has wonderful textile printing. We provide both felpa china(single side fleece) and double side fleece.

Competitive Advantage

We are the largest supplier in the region, we have a complete supply chain with vast amount factories for different craft process.


It can be made to blanket, cloth and other outfits, etc.

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