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Coral Velvet/fleece

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Coral fleece is a new type of fabric, because of colorful, plush covering is very high coral, so the name coral fleece. Because the raw material is polyester fiber, so the texture is extra soft. In the face of all kinds of fabric competition, coral fleece has been favored by consumers for its advantages of good water absorption, not easy pilling, not easy hair shedding and good air permeability.

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All-purpose plastic packing bag and Strong  paper rod  

Delivery Time:

Thirty five days after deposit paid

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One hundred thousand tons plus (negotiable for more)


100d 144f

Quick Detail

Coral velvet: As the name suggests, it is a coral-like fabric, the fibers are as soft as coral. Its raw material is polyester microfiber, because of the fine filament, so it feels very soft and delicate, not easy to fade, not easy to pilling.
Coral velvet has rich colors and strong water absorption, making it easy to clean, but it is prone to static electricity.

Competitive Advantage

We are the largest supplier in the region, we have a complete supply chain with vast amount factories for different craft process.


When coral velvet just emerged, its development field only focused on bathrobes, bath towels and other bath products. With the improvement of technology and technology, and because of its low cost, more coral velvet products flooded into the market: gloves, slippers, scarves and so on. Under the influence of its weaving principle, coral fleece will lose its hair when it is worn, and it is easy to get static electricity. Therefore, people with skin allergies should avoid this fabric and wear less when the climate is dry.

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