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Soft Shell bonding draw textured yarn or dty polar fleece with digital textile printing

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Composite fabric is a new type of material which is made of one or more layers of textile materials, nonwoven materials and other functional materials by bonding. Suitable for sofa, clothing and other textiles are one of the indispensable fabrics for people's home life.
Composite fabrics are made of microfiber in specific textile processing and unique dyeing and finishing, and then processed by "composite" equipment. Composite Fabric: "Lamination Fabric" "Soft Shell Fabric"
Composite fabric applied "new composite fiber" of high technology and new materials, with a lot of excellent performance (compared with common composite fiber), such as fabric performance fine clean, delicate, elegant. Fabric is windproof, breathable, with a certain waterproof function, its main characteristics are warm, good air permeability.

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All-purpose plastic packing bag and Strong  paper rod  

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Thirty five days after deposit paid

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One hundred thousand tons plus (negotiable for more)


DTY bond cationic fabric

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Composite fabric is European and American popular coat fabric.
Classification of composite fabrics
1. Woven fabric and knitted fabric composite
2. Composite of knitted fabric and knitted fabric
3. Woven fabric and woven fabric composite
Functional composite fabric
The composite fabric has the special functions of waterproof and moisture permeability, radiation resistance, washing resistance and abrasion resistance.

Competitive Advantage

We are the largest supplier in the region, we have a complete supply chain with vast amount factories for different craft process.


Sports and leisure kind of clothing uses knitted fabric compound knitted fabric, and the effect of woven cloth, flexibility is good
Plain composite fabric
The fabric and lining material are bonded by binder, so as to improve the texture of the fabric, which is suitable for simplifying the technology of garment processing and large-scale production.

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